• Work Related Injury

    Manassas Chiropractor Treats Work Related Injuries call (703)-257-0100 Were you injured at work?  Is your work related injury limiting your ability to continue working.  Have you still not started treatment yet for your work accident injury.  The process of any Workers compensation injury can be very daunting.  However, taking a few steps everyday to get

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  • Sports injuries and Pain

    Sports injuries and Pain According to many sports injury pain clinics, proper exercises, and stretching both before/after sports activities can help reduce athletic injuries.  As society begins to understand that the importance of how chiropractic treatment plays an important role in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation after and athletic injury can help expedite recovery and

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  • Chiropractic Treatment Auto Injury

    Call now for an appointment (703)-257-0100 So if you have had car accident consulting with a chiropractor and an injury lawyer after an auto accident can be very helpful.  The chiropractic clinic should be reviewing any hospital records and diagnostic tests to avoid any duplication and to make sure that all areas of pain complaint

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